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    Sample Questions:


    Your multitenant container database, CDB1, is running in ARCHIVELOG mode and has two pluggable databases, HR_PDB and ACCOUNTS_PDB. An RMAN
    backup exists for the database.
    You issue the command to open ACCOUNTS_PDB and find that the USERDATA.DBF data file for the default permanent tablespace USERDATA belonging to
    ACCOUNTS_PDB is corrupted.
    What should you do before executing the commands to restore and recover the data file in ACCOUNTS_PDB?

    A. Place CDB1 in the mount stage and then the USERDATA tablespace offline in ACCOUNTS_PDB.
    B. Place CDB1 in the mount stage and issue the ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE accounts_pdb CLOSE IMMEDIATE command.
    C. Issue the ALTER PLUGGABLE DATABASE accounts_pdb RESTRICTED command.
    D. Take the USERDATA tablespace offline in ACCOUNTS_PDB.

    Correct Answer: D


    You can take an online tablespace offline so that it is temporarily unavailable for general use. The rest of the database remains open and available for users to
    access data. Conversely, you can bring an offline tablespace online to make the schema objects within the tablespace available to database users. The database
    must be open to alter the availability of a tablespace.


    Which Oracle Database component is audited by default if the unified Auditing option is enabled?

    A. Oracle Data Pump
    B. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
    C. Oracle Label Security
    D. Oracle Database Vault
    E. Oracle Real Application Security

    Correct Answer: B


    Your multitenant container (CDB) containing three pluggable databases (PDBs) is running in ARCHIVELOG mode. You find that the SYSAUX tablespace is
    corrupted in the root container.
    The steps to recover the tablespace are as follows:
    1. Mount the CDB.
    2. Close all the PDBs.
    3. Open the database.
    4. Apply the archive redo logs.
    5. Restore the data file.
    6. Take the SYSAUX tablespace offline.
    7. Place the SYSAUX tablespace online.
    8. Open all the PDBs with RESETLOGS.
    9. Open the database with RESETLOGS.
    10. Execute the command SHUTDOWN ABORT.
    Which option identifies the correct sequence to recover the SYSAUX tablespace?

    A. 6, 5, 4, 7
    B. 10, 1, 2, 5, 8
    C. 10, 1, 2, 5, 4, 9, 8
    D. 10, 1, 5, 8, 10

    Correct Answer: A


    While evaluating the 12c beta3 I was not able to do the recover while testing "all pdb files lost".
    Cannot close the pdb as the system datafile was missing...
    So only option to recover was:
    Shutdown cdb (10)
    startup mount; (1)
    restore pluggable database
    recover pluggable database
    alter database open;
    alter pluggable database name open;
    Oracle support says: You should be able to close the pdb and restore/recover the system tablespace of PDB.
    * Inconsistent backups are usually created by taking online database backups. You can also make an inconsistent backup by backing up data files while a
    database is closed, either:
    / Immediately after the crash of an Oracle instance (or, in an Oracle RAC configuration, all instances)
    / After shutting down the database using SHUTDOWN ABORT
    Inconsistent backups are only useful if the database is in ARCHIVELOG mode and all archived redo logs created since the backup are available.
    Open the database with the RESETLOGS option after finishing recovery:


    Which three are direct benefits of the multiprocess, multithreaded architecture of Oracle Database 12c when it is enabled?

    A. Reduced logical I/O
    B. Reduced virtual memory utilization
    C. Improved parallel Execution performance
    D. Improved Serial Execution performance
    E. Reduced physical I/O
    F. Reduced CPU utilization

    Correct Answer: B,C,F


    Multiprocess and Multithreaded Oracle Database Systems
    Multiprocess Oracle Database (also called multiuser Oracle Database) uses several processes to run different parts of the Oracle Database code and additional
    Oracle processes for the users--ei- ther one process for each connected user or one or more processes shared by multiple users. Most databases are multiuser
    because a primary advantage of a database is managing data needed by multiple users simultaneously.
    Each process in a database instance performs a specific job. By dividing the work of the database and applications into several processes, multiple users and
    applications can connect to an in- stance simultaneously while the system gives good performance.
    * In previous releases, Oracle processes did not run as threads on UNIX and Linux systems. Starting in Oracle Database 12c, the multithreaded Oracle Database
    model enables Oracle pro- cesses to execute as operating system threads in separate address spaces.


    In order to exploit some new storage tiers that have been provisioned by a storage administrator, the partitions of a large heap table must be moved to other
    tablespaces in your Oracle 12c database?
    Both local and global partitioned B-tree Indexes are defined on the table.
    A high volume of transactions access the table during the day and a medium volume of transactions access it at night and during weekends.
    Minimal disrupt ion to availability is required.
    Which three statements are true about this requirement?

    A. The partitions can be moved online to new tablespaces.
    B. Global indexes must be rebuilt manually after moving the partitions.
    C. The partitions can be compressed in the same tablespaces.
    D. The partitions can be compressed in the new tablespaces.
    E. Local indexes must be rebuilt manually after moving the partitions.

    Correct Answer: A,C,D


    A: You can create and rebuild indexes online. Therefore, you can update base tables at the same time you are building or rebuilding indexes on that table. You
    can perform DML operations while the index build is taking place, but DDL operations are not allowed. Parallel execution is not supported when creating or
    rebuilding an index online.
    D: Moving (Rebuilding) Index-Organized Tables
    Because index-organized tables are primarily stored in a B-tree index, you can encounter fragmentation as a consequence of incremental updates. However, you
    can use the ALTER TABLE...MOVE statement to rebuild the index and reduce this fragmentation.
    C: If a table can be compressed in the new tablespace, also it can be compressed in the same tablespace.
    Not B, not E: Local and Global indexes can be automatically rebuild with UPDATE INDEXES when you move the table.

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